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I certainly feel blessed to have had Tim Black not only help me start my career in media, but for believing in me. I started to work with Tim while I was in post-secondary school and he guided me while I developed a new set of skills. Tim was always a very dedicated leader, something I know is rare. I never felt I couldn’t be honest with him and I always felt he had my best interests at heart. Whenever Tim needed me to improve in an area, I was never scared of his remarks, he has a way of moulding people and always looking at the positives while providing helpful advice. He wanted me to succeed because he saw our work place as a team environment and we all had to work together to achieve greatness. Tim has patience that cannot be measured and the tricks of the trade he taught me during two years, I’ll carry throughout my entire career.

Thank you,

Cally Stephanow

Video Journalist, CTV News Regina

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Microphone on purple background.

Microphone on purple background.